Red Wine Brain Teaser

This question relates to the solution and mixture topic. You have a bucket of red wine and a bucket of white wine. You take a cup of red wine and pour it into the bucket of white wine. After thoroughly mixing, you then take a cup of this mixture and pour it back into the red wine bucket.

Is there more red wine in the white wine or is there more white wine in the red wine?

Feel free to post your answer in the comments section.

  1. Priya
  2. sristi kumari
  3. Roshan
  4. kalyan Dheeraj
  5. mohan
  6. ankur
  7. quilting
  8. Kat
  9. bharat jindal
  10. bharat jindal
  11. Akhil Gupta
  12. Akhil Gupta
    • Navin
    • vkm
    • aakash
  13. Asish
  14. Abhishek Bhandari

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