Simplify Multiplication with the Lattice Method

Simplify Multiplication using Lattice Method

Multiplication tables are a pillar of growing up no matter where you are in the world. Spending most of fourth grade learning how to multiply up to 12 x 12 was a fun and exciting time, but I was never a fan of how long it took to multiply larger numbers. I didn’t learned the lattice method until later but as a fan of matrices in calculus, this alternative method of multiplication appealed to me. Here’s how it works:


Step 1) Draw a. grid 8 x 5 should give you enough space, and make sure it’s large.

Step 2) Reserve the top right of this grid for a 4 x 4 grid. Then draw diagonal lines as the image below shows. You should have many of those squares divided in half.

Step 3) Enter the numbers you want to multiply in the grid.

Step 4) Multiply number by their respective places: hundreds by hundreds, tens by tens, etc. In this example, it would be 3 x 4, 7 x 9, and 1 x 2. Take the products of each of these and enter them into the corresponding square, placing the tens digit in the left triangle and the ones digit on the right triangle. If there is no tens digit as is the case with 1 x 2, use 0 as a placeholder.

Step 5) Starting from the right (important), add up the numbers in each diagonal column and place them at the bottom on said diagonal column. Don’t forget to carry!

Step 6) Voilá! The product is 182532!

Is this an easier or more tedious multiplication method for you?

Danielle, a busy college student, likes to solve word and math problems as a stress reliever. With a daily bombardment of information to process via email, billboards, and direct mail, she finds cerebral activity that requires logic to be relaxing and satisfying

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