Solution of Linear Equations in 2 Seconds

Solving Simultaneous Equation using Vedic Mathematics

Let’s learn a very simple trick using which we can quickly solve linear algebraic equations with 2 variables using a Vedic Maths sutra named as Anurupye Shunyamanyat.  This is the 6th Sutra of Vedic Mathematics (flipkart affiliate link).

ANURUPYE SHUNYAMANYAT – which means, if one is in ratio, then the other one is zero.

simultaneous equations

This is used in solving simple simultaneous equations in which one of the variables are in the same ratio to each other as the independent terms. This is useful in certain circumstances only but saves time when applicable.

Let us take a simple example

3x + 8y = 42

6x + 18y = 84

Co-efficient of “x” (which is a variable or unknown) are in the ratio 3:6 = 1:2 and the independent terms are also in the ratio 42:84 = 1:2

Wherever you see this happening, simply use the above sutra which says in such cases

y = 0

Therefore, x = 42/3 = 14

Hence problem solved. Simple isn’t it.

Let’s take another example –

11x + 7y = 28

23x + 21y = 84

Here, co-efficient of “y” are in the ratio 7:21 = 1:3 and the independent terms are also in the ratio 28:84 = 1:3

That means the above mentioned vedic maths sutra is applicable in this situation too.


y = 0

y = 28/7 = 4

If you’ve any question related to simultaneous equations, please post them as comment below. Share your views / feedback also.

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