Solve a Dilemma

What is wrong with this proof?

2 = 1

a = b

a2 = ab

a2 – b2 = ab – b2

(a + b) (a – b) = b (a – b)

a + b = b

2b = b

2 = 1

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Vineet Patawari

Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!

3 thoughts to “Solve a Dilemma”

  1. u cant cancel (a-b=0) from both sides. if u could no need of such a long procedure.

    then, 9999999999999999=1 ???? 🙂

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