How to Quickly Find Square of Any Number Ending in 5

Finding square of any number with unit’s digit being 5 is the most common, yet very interesting trick of Vedic Maths.  Using this technique you can find the square of any number ending in 5 very easily.  Also explore a quick method of squaring numbers ending in 9. Given below is the step by step explanation of this Vedic Maths Method.

Let us take a 2 digit number in generic form, say the number is a5 (=10a+5), where a is the digit in ten’s place

Square of a5= a x (a+1) | 25

That means a is multiplied by the next higher number, i.e. (a+1). Now let’s take example of a real number ending in 5, say 45.

452 = Left hand side of the answer will be 4 multiplied by its successor i.e. 5 and the right hand side part will always be 25 for squares of numbers of which the unit’s digit is 5.

Giving the answer a x (a+1) | 25 ( |     stands for concatenation}

i.e. 4  x  (4+1) | 25 = 4 x 5 | 25 = 2025

Similarly we can proceed for 3 digit numbers ending in 5

Few more examples:

952=9 x 10 | 25 =9025

1252 = 12 x 13 | 25 = 15625

5052 = 50 x 51 | 25 = 255025

Test yourself

Find out the square of 85, 245, 145, 35, 15, and 95?

Answer: 7225, 60025, 21025, 1225, 225, 9025

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