Star Puzzle

Here is an interesting challenge for you. The below mentioned puzzle may appear simple at first, but the solution may be little complex.

Programmers can do some coding to get the answer. If you do that, post it as a comment below. You can use ‘trial and error’ or any other method to get the answer. So here you go…

Sum on Each Line should be 26

A six-pointed star is drawn with six lines and twelve vertices. Arrange the integers 1 through 12, one on each vertex, so that the four integers on each line add to 26.

An example is given below but the numbers are wrong. The left-hand vertical line adds up correctly: 1+2+12+11=26, but the line 9+2+10+7=28 does not.

I will post the answer on Saturday, 27 August, 2011.Till then keep trying. All the best 🙂

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