Suggested Books for CAT

Lot of users are preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.  In this post I am listing down most famous, useful and effective books for CAT.

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Books for All Topics of CAT

Books mentioned below are meant for all topics of  CAT including verbal ability (english), logical reasoning and data interpretation and quantitative ability (mathematics)

Pearson Complete Guide To The CAT

Author: Nishit Sinha

Nishit Sinha’smotto—‘Doing the right things and then doing the things right’—is the sure-shot way to success, and is the philosophy behind this book. Providing the student with a detailed inside view to cross the CAT hurdle, Sinha’s attention to the each section of the CAT and his tips based on his comprehensive study will go a long way in helping students to succeed in the exam.

CAT Test Suite

Learn and implement new strategies, identify your strong and weak areas, receive personalized feedback and compare your performance to that of your peers. Use the CAT Test Suite on the CD-ROM to familiarize yourself with the online CAT – Buy online

How To Prepare For The CAT (set of 3 books)

Author: Arun Sharma

How To Prepare For The CAT specifically mentions the important concepts that are to be studied in order to perform well in the examination. It has been revised by authorities who specialize in the field and the information provided has been marked as authentic data. The book is up-to-date and for this reason, has all the data that may come in handy during the exam – Buy online

Books for Quantitative Ability in CAT

How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Author: Arun Sharma

The revised and updated edition of this popular and widely read book for cat aspirants is now in an all-new format and structure. The entire content has been clearly compartmentalized into 7 blocks for a much effective preparation. Based on the latest trends and format of the cat, three levels of difficulty in every chapter, Use of short cuts and techniques both in theory and problem solving processes, Concise organize of the chapters into multiple blocks, varied range of problems with different levels of difficulty. This book is part of the set of books mentioned above.

Additions in latest edition – Buy Online

  • Addition of four previous year CAT question papers
  • Addition of 200 new problems in the light of changing trends in CAT
  • Minor addition in chapters according to the recent trends in CAT

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT

Author: Nishit Sinha

This book has solutions to all your quants related issues.  A reader-friendly book which explains concepts in a concise manner and includes numerous examples and worked-out problems. The practice problems are presented in four levels of difficulty. An attractive thing about this book is that it also contains a chapter on Vedic mathematics and I don’t need to tell you the importance of it – Buy online

Books for Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation in CAT

Click here to check out the post where I’ve suggested books for the preparation of Reasoning and DI-DS section of CAT and other competitive exams.

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