How to convert from decimal to other number systems

This post will be of special interest for people who are regularly in touch with mathematics. Students preparing for competitive examinations usually have Base System (Number Systems) in the list of their topics under quantitative aptitude.

Conversion from decimal to binary and other number bases

In order to convert a decimal number into its representation in a different number base, we have to be able to express the number in terms of powers of the other base. For example, if we wish to convert the decimal number 100 to base 4, we must figure out how to express 100 as the sum of powers of 4.

100 = (1 x 64) + (2 x 16) + (1 x 4) + (0 x 1)

= (1 x 4^3) + (2 x 4^2) + (1 x 4^1) + (0 x 4^0)

Then we use the coefficients of the powers of 4 to form the number as represented in base 4: Read More

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