Puzzle on Barter System


Three countrymen met at a cattle market. ‘Look here,’ said Hari to Jaggu, ‘I’ll give you six of my pigs for one of your horses, and then you’ll have twice as many animals here as I’ve got.’

‘If that’s your way of doing business,’ said Dinanath to Hari, ‘I’ll give you fourteen of my sheep for a horse, and then you’ll have three times as many animals as I.’

‘Well, I’ll go better than that,’ said Jaggu to Dinanath; ‘I’ll give you four cows for a horse, and then you’ll have six times as many animals as I’ve got here.’

No doubt this was a very primitive way of bartering animals, but  it is an interesting little puzzle to discover just how many animals Jaggu, Hari and Dinanath must have taken to the cattle market.

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Perfect Square Puzzles

Squaring Puzzles- Find below 2 interesting puzzles related to square of some number. Hope you will like them.

Puzzle 1

The square of 13 is 169.  Take the last digit of the square, 9, and place it in the middle, making 196.  This is the square of 14, the next number above 13.

What are the next numbers which also have this property?

Puzzle 2

The following multiplication example uses every digit from 0 to 9 at least once.  Letters have been substituted for the digits.  Can you replace the letters and make the original multiplication problem?

x     B O G

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Time Keeping Puzzle

Here’s a mathematical puzzle to puzzle you. If you crack this your sense of time is good 😉

Try it out –

Mr. Moody grumbles about bad time-keeping of trains from morning till night!

On one particular morning he was quite justified.

His train left on time for the one hour journey, to Clarksville, and it arrived 5 minutes late.
However, Mr. Moody ‘s watch showed it to be 3 minutes early, so he adjusted his watch by putting it forward 3 minutes.

His watch kept time during the day, and on the return journey in the evening the train started on time, according to his watch, and arrived on time, according to the station clock.
If the train travelled 25 percent faster on the return journey than it did on the morning journey, was the station clock fast or slow, and by how much?

Leave your answers below.

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Mathematical Puzzle for Competitive Exams

Mathematical Puzzle for competitive examinations- Friends this is a maths puzzle. Solving this type of maths puzzle could be very useful for students taking competitive examinations like CAT, GMAT, etc. Please let me clarify the puzzle is complete and no information in missing. For more such puzzle keep checking back WWW.QUICKERMATHS.COM

Mathematics Age Puzzle

At a census there is the following dialog:

Field helper: number of children? Read More

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Strange Examination!

Strange Puzzle – Strange Brainteaser

Once a professor was teaching mathematics in a college. He declared that, all the students who will score equal to more than the class average in his subject in the upcoming semester examination will be marked as PASS. Those who will score lesser than average will be marked as FAIL.

Actually the teacher was trying to infuse Read More

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A Problem of Family Relations

Mathematical Puzzle

Apply your calculative skills to find out the answer to this maths puzzle.

Every man or woman alive today had 2 parents, 4 grand-parents, 8 great-grand parents, 16 great-great-grand parents, 32 great, great, great grand parents and so on.

Let us take the case of Ram. Two generations ago Ran had 2 x 2 or 22, or 4 ancestors. Three generations ago he had 2 x 2 x 2 or 23 or 8 ancestors. For generations ago he had 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 or 24 or 16 ancestors.

Assuming that there are 20 years t o a generation, can you tell 400 years back how many ancestors did Ram have?

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Help me find her address!!

Teasing Brain Teaser!!

I met Sweety first time in a marriage party in Kolkata. We exchanged our phone numbers and decided to meet each other soon. When she rang up and invited me to her house, she decided to tease me.

This is how she gave me the number of her house on a particular street:

“I live in a long street. Numbered one the one side of my house are the houses one, two, three and so on.  All the numbers on one side of my house add up to exactly the same as all the numbers on the other side of my house. I know Read More

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