4 Awesome Math Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed


No matter how much you hate it but the importance of mathematics in every day life can never be ignored. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives which includes mobile devices, engineering, architecture, money, art and even sports.

When I was a student, I loved studying mathematics, while some of my friends really hated it. Math is all about understanding the concept of a formula and applying it in order to solve a problem and get an appropriate answer.  I was easily able to grasp the concept of formulas, while my friends struggled badly. Instead of understanding, they tried learning all sorts of formulas by heart, which in mathematics is not right.

However, apart from using standard formulas to solve equations, there are several other cool mathematics tricks which people never know about. Here are some of the coolest tricks you can use and share with your friends:


1)    Multiplying by 4

This trick is very simple and yet logical. To multiply any number by 4, just multiply it by 2 and then double the answer. The basic concept of this trick is that you can solve a multiplication problem by multiplying by its factors. Let’s assume the number is 25.


25 x 4

25 x 2 = 50

50 x 2 = 100

25 x 4 = 100

This trick is based on a very simple fact:

2 x 2 = 4


25 x 4 = 25 x (2 x 2)

=>25 x 2 x 2

=>50 x 2

= 100


2)    Hate 8 (Eight)

Yep, you read it right. This lovely mathematical trick is known as hateful eight. I am sure you will love it like I did. Grab a calculator and read on:

Ask your friend to choose a number between 1 and 9, but he is not allowed to choose the number 8.

For example: 5

Now, multiply the number by 9:

5  x  9   =  45

Multiply the answer by 12345679 (Please note that number 8 should not be included in the multiplication)


45  x  12345679  =  Magic!

The answer that you will get is 55555555. That is 8 times number 5.

Try another number!


3)    Pick a Number and Know Your Age

I don’t know but this trick gives me a great feeling of happiness and excitement. Try it with your friends. I am sure they will like it too.

First, pick a number between 2 and 9

I pick: 5

Next, multiply this number by 2

5  x  2  =  10

Add 5 to the answer:

10  +  5  =  15

Now multiply this number by 50:

15  x  50  =  750

Now, here comes the tricky part.

If you have already celebrated your birthday this year then, add 1764.

If you haven’t yet celebrated your birthday this year then, add 1763.

In my case I have already celebrated my birthday this year, so:

750  +  1764  =  2514

The last step is to subtract your year of birth:

2514  –1985  =  529

The answer you get is magical. Here’s how:

The first number represents the number that you picked, i.e. 5

The last two numbers represents your age, i.e. 29

See, this is called a classic mathematical trick. Try it!


4)    Result  1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 7 , 8

I don’t have any specific name for this trick. Anyway, here it goes:

First pick a number between 1 and 6

For example: 2

Multiply the number by 9:

2  x  9  =  18

Multiply the result with 111:

18  x  111  =  1998

Multiply the result with 1001:

1998  x  1001  =  1999998

In last step divide the result by 7:

1999998  /  7  =  285714

The answer has all the above numbers present, i.e. 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 7 , 8.


With a little practice and preparation, you can memorize these mathematical tricks easily and show them to your friends and family just for fun.

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Quick Multiplication by 5

Tricks for fast calculation by 5

It is a simple trick which is very intuitive and easy to understand. Many QuickerMaths.com followers might find it very simple. However, there are many who will enjoy this simple yet readily usable trick to multiply any number by five.

1. Multiplying 5 times an even number: halve the number you are multiplying by and place a zero after the number.


i. 5 * 136, half of 136 is 68, add a zero for an answer of 680.

ii. 5 * 874, half of 874 is 437; add a zero for an answer of 4370. Read More

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No More Carrying Over

“Carry” in Addition – Can it be Avoided?

Carrying over is a concept taught to us at a very early stage of our life. However, it has never been an easy thing to do. In adding two or more numbers, most of us face problem while “carrying over”. Larger the digits, involved in the numbers to be added, more likely it is to involve carrying.   More the carrying over involved, more likely are we to make mistakes.

Friends, remember the most basic and effective rule of making arithmetic fast and quick is to break difficult calculations into simpler, easily manageable small calculations.

Any digit when added to 9 (except 0) makes carrying over mandatory.  On the contrary, anything added to 0 can’t produce a two digit number.  Even if 9 is added to 0, no carrying is needed. Read More

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Check Out The Year

Turn of the Century Puzzle

Your grandfather, determined to start the year 1900 off right, went to bed at 7 p.m. on December 31, 1899, setting his alarm clock to wake him at 8 the next morning. He slept like a log. How many hours sleep did he get?


Ancient Coin Puzzle

Ancient Coin!!
A thief went to a shop that sold antique coins. He stole a coin from Emperor Alexander’s time that had 326 B.C. inscribed on it. These rare coins were worth $ 100 for every year of their age (years from date of minting till now). So how much did the thief get for his stolen coin?


Both the puzzles above have some similarity. There is a clue hidden in the title of the post itself.

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Solve the Mystery of Missing Dollar

Missing Dollar Riddle

Three friends check into a hotel. They pay $30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager suddenly remembers that the room rate is $25 and gives $5 to the bellboy to return to the people.  On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that $5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each person. Now each person paid $10 and got back $1. So they paid £9 each, totalling $27. The bellboy has $2, totalling $29.

missing dollar riddle

Read More

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Chocolate Maths Trick

You can do this little cute mathematics trick with your friends or girl-friends. This trick will be applicable for year 2011. Let me know if you like it.

Age by Chocolate – Mathematics Trick

Step 1. Choose the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate between 1 and 10.

Step 2. Multiply this number by 2. Add 5. Multiply it by 50.

Step 3. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1761. If you haven’t, add 1760. Read More

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Logical Reasoning Riddle

Another logical reasoning puzzle for you. The benefit of solving such logical puzzle is immense. It’s always a good exercise for the brain. Moreover, it helps you in preparing for various competitive examinations.

During the latest round of a game, Kamal was fourth. Ramesh is not the oldest, but is older than Sujan, who was not second. The child who was next in age to the youngest, finished second. The child who finished in third place is older than the child who finished first. Bimal is younger than the child who finished in third place. Can you determine who finished where and place the children in order of age?

Leave your answers below –

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Grid Based Puzzle

Friends based on the emails I am getting I think most of you like creative and interesting logical puzzles.  So I am presenting another very interesting grid puzzle one for you.

Grid Puzzle

Below is a very special grid, around each shaded number are 8 white squares. However, each white square should have a number from 1 to 7. Once filled in, these 8 numbers will sum to the shaded number. In addition, once completed correctly, no row nor column will contain a duplicate number within a white square. For example, the top row may be 5 6 4 2 3 1 7, etc. hence no digit repeated (similar to Sudoko)


Try to fill all the blank spaces. Leave your answers below by writing the numbers row-wise.

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Answer (posted on September 17, 2010)

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Time Measurement Riddle

After quite a few days I am posting a riddle. I assure you it’s very interesting. Though it may seem a little difficult when you first read it, maintain your cool and ponder over it again.

Suppose you have ten threads and a lighter. If a thread is lighted, it will burn for exactly one hour. The threads do not burn at constant speed, in other words it can happen that the first half of the thread is burned in 15 minutes, while the remaining part will take three quarters. How can you measure exactly 45 minutes using these threads, and what is the minimum of threads you need for this?

If you need any clarification, leave your queries as comment.

Leave your asnwers below as comments.

Try your hand at another interesting time keeping puzzle

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