Climbing Problem of Creepers

Another puzzle for you guys. I know there are lot of puzzle enthusiasts out there.

This is an interesting puzzle related to understanding of circular motion. You can solve the puzzle by logic or having some basic mathematical understanding of circular motion. Try it out!


Two creepers, one jasmine and the other rose, are both climbing up and round a cylindrical tree trunk. The jasmine twists clockwise and the rose anti-clockwise, and they both start at the same point on the ground. Before they reach the first branch on the tree the jasmine has made 5 complete twists and the rose 3 twists.

Not counting the bottom and the top, how many times do they cross?

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A Problem of Gooseberries

When I was a little girl, one day my mother had left a bowl of gooseberries to be shared between my two sisters Lalitha, Vasantha and myself. I went home first. I ate what I thought was my share of gooseberries and left. Then Lalitha arrives. She thought she was the first one to arrive and ate the number of gooseberries, she thought was her share and left. Lastly Vasantha arrived. She again thought she was the first one to arrive and she took what she thought was her share and left 8 gooseberries in the bowl.

When we three sisters met in the evening we reliazed  what had happened and my mother distributed the remaining 8 gooseberries in a fair share.

How did my mother do it?

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Solving Problems

Romila appeared for a maths exam. She was given 100 problems to solve. She tried to solve all of them correctly but some of them went wrong. Any how she scored 85.

Her score was calculated by subtracting two times the number of wrong answers from the number of correct answers.

Can you tell how many problems she solved correctly?

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A Problem of Gifts

It was Diwali day. A day to exchange gifts. Two fathers gave their sons some money. One father gave his son Rs. 150/- and the other Rs. 100/-. But when the two sons counted their money, they found that between them they had become richer by only Rs. 150/-.

How do you explain this?

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A Combination Problem

Can you combine eight 8s with any other mathematical symbols except numbers so that they represent exactly one thousands?

You may use the plus, minus terms, and division signs as well as the factorial function and the Gamma function. You may also use the logarithms and the combinatorial symbol.

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