Imagine you are in a room with 3 switches

IQ Test

Imagine you are in a big house and you need to match out the 3 switches located in the first floor with the three light bulbs located in the ground floor. In the ground floor there are 3 bulbs (all are off at the moment), each switch belongs to some bulb.


How can you find out, which switch belongs to which bulb?

Other conditions

It is impossible to see from one room to another. Read More

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Climbing Problem of Creepers

Another puzzle for you guys. I know there are lot of puzzle enthusiasts out there.

This is an interesting puzzle related to understanding of circular motion. You can solve the puzzle by logic or having some basic mathematical understanding of circular motion. Try it out!


Two creepers, one jasmine and the other rose, are both climbing up and round a cylindrical tree trunk. The jasmine twists clockwise and the rose anti-clockwise, and they both start at the same point on the ground. Before they reach the first branch on the tree the jasmine has made 5 complete twists and the rose 3 twists.

Not counting the bottom and the top, how many times do they cross?

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Something for the Chickens

A simple mathematical logic says –

odd + odd = even

odd + even = odd

even + odd = odd

even + even = even

Now since you know this have a look at the small riddle below –

A friend of mine runs a small poultry farm in Bangalore.  She took me round to see the place. I counted the number of chickens. There were 27 of them. And there were 4 enclosures. I noticed that in each enclosure there were an odd number of chickens.

Can you tell how many there were in each enclosure?

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Weight Puzzles

Sample Puzzles

Find below couple of weights and balance scale related puzzle questions. We are also mentioning the difficult level as per our perception. Our opinion may differ from yours.

Weight Puzzle Number 1

Here is a puzzle question of average (2/5; 5/5 is most difficult) difficulty level –

Among 12 identical looking golf balls there is one that is defective in weight. It is either heavier or lighter than the standard one. You have a balance Scale. You can only weigh 3 times to find Read More

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Headless Words Puzzle – Funny Puzzles

Can you find these words from the clues?

If the clue were ‘Behead a mass killing to find amusement’, the answer would be LAUGHTER, since by beheading SLAUGHTER you are left with LAUGHTER.

  1. Behead a journey by air to find illumination.
  2. Behead a mark to produce a running competition.
  3. Behead anger to find your years.
  4. 4. Behead a seat to get head covering.
  5. Behead an apparition to find an entertainer of guests.
  6. Behead a support to get a bat for tennis.
  7. Behead the result of injury to make a vehicle.
  8. Behead an old weapon to find a fruit.
  9. Behead attractiveness to produce damage.
  10. Behead a section to get lousy insects.
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English puzzle

My friend asked me this question: “my grandmother’s age is a perfect square. Also, it is equal to the difference the square of my father’s age and the square of my mother’s age. My father is one year older than my mother. Can you tell me how old my mother is?”

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Metal Detector

A worker has a piece of metal that is 80 cm square. He needs to make an open box that has the greatest possible volume. He cuts equal square pieces from each corner of the sheet and the remaining piece is bent to form an open box.

What size would the box need to be to obtain the maximum possible volume and how much would it hold?

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Extra Baggage

When I met Arati, Bharati and Chitra, their respective ages (in years) were in the ratio 5 : 2 : 1 . Their ages in years now are in the ratio of 10 : 7 : 6 . The sum of the ages is 90 years more than the sum of the ages when I first met them. How old are the three women now?

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