Take the Link Challenge – Win a Book

Take the Link Challenge

Today I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a fun challenge.

The challenge is very simple – You have to find the websites, blogs, web pages, etc. linking to QuickerMaths.com (QM) or any of its post.

As your answers you have to just paste the URL (link) of the website or blog where you have seen QM link.


  1. The link might be a blogroll link like the one in the image below on fireup blog

QM Link on FireUp

2.  Link within the text referring to QM. That could be because someone copied any post from QM and pasted it elsewhere.

    The figure below shows an example of this on forum of www.caclubindia.com

    1. The link can be on a social networking site like facebook, orkut, etc. posted by you or someone else.
    2. The link could be a simple mention of the link – http://www.quickermaths.com or www.quickermaths.com or quickermaths.com

    (But it should be a link and not simple text)

    *You can even give the link of websites or blogs where you yourself have give QM’s link. When you posted the link doesn’t matter.

    **Links present on QuickerMaths.com website will not be considered.

    I assure you it will be a fun filled experience and your “googling” skills will improve a lot.

    The winner will get the most amazing book on Vedic Mathematics by the father of Vedic Maths – Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja

    Vedic Maths book

    Vedic Maths book

    To know more about the book – visit http://vedicmathsindia.org/view_detail1.htm

    While giving your responses as comment below –

    • Mention your full name in name space
    • Mention your email address in email space
    • Mention http://www.quickermaths.com in the website space

    I will collect the address after announcing the winner to send the prize.

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