The Superstitious Boss

Apply your Mind

Ramlal is a night watchman in a large company. On one fine morning when Ramlal was about to leave for home, his boss informs him, “I’ll go for a business trip to Colombo. Tomorrow I will depart from Chennai airport”.

Ramlal, however advises him to take a ship.

“Why should I?” inquired the boss.

“Yesterday night I dreamt that the plane to Colombo crashes, just before it will land”, is the response from Ramlal.

The president smiles first, but since he is pretty superstitious he decides to take the ship. When he arrives in Colombo, he is told that the plane which he should have taken had crashed. When the president returns from the trip, he gives a big reward to Ramlal and immediately fires him. Why?

  1. Ananth bharadwaj
  2. kennedy
  3. pooja
  4. Muralidhar Pathak
  5. Arindam Das
  6. vinod
    • Naresh
  7. ramesh
  8. Conroy Concessio
  9. Anupam
  10. subhiksha
  11. priyank
  12. Farooqi
  13. Pallavi Shukla
  14. anitha
  15. Govind K. Bahroos
  16. sumit sagar
  17. Harish Babu

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