7 Things to Avoid to Get Good Memory

Having a good memory is essential for becoming proficient in mathematics. It is often necessary to remember theorems (with or without proofs) to solve mathematical problems. To attain speed in solving complex problems, fundamentals of various topics should become part of the memory system. Good memory can be a great asset for learning new things, new subjects including mathematics.

How to Increase Memory Power?

In this article we will discuss things which should be avoided to harness brain power for an excellent memory. So here is the list of 7 things which should be avoided –

  1. Multitasking – Observation is the most important thing to train your memory. One reason people can’t remember things like where they have put their spectacles, keys, etc. is because they are not paying attention while putting them down. To acquire a good memory, stop giving continuous partial attention to everything.

    “The true art of memory is the art of attention” – Samuel Johnson

  2. All work and no playWe should make time in our daily routine for friends and fun. Our mind works best when we are happy and active. Research and studies show that life filled with fun and friends comes with cognitive benefits. If you’re a working professional, small little exercises like neck & shoulder exercises, stretching, frequent walks to water cooler, etc. during work hours relieve you of the pressure which builds up in our muscles. This helps our brain to focus and observe and hence better memory power.  Students should avoid very long hours of continuous study sessions. Breaks should be filled with some physical activities. To exercise your brain, puzzles and riddles are very effective.
  3. Being a Couch Potato – When you exercise the body, you also exercise your brain. Physical exercise enhances the oxygen flow to our brain and reduces the risk for disorders that lead to memory loss. Staring at screen which can be of the television or mobile or PC or tablet is reducing our attention span and capability to remember things. Go get a life.
  4. Being obsessed with Mobile or Tablets – Cell phones are supposed to make our lives easier. However, everything comes with consequences attached to it. Studies have shown that usage of mobile phones is negatively impacting human memory. The cell phone radiation damages the nerve cells in the brain. The effect of mobile phones is slow but its extensive and indisciplined usage over a long period will become a major issue for the mankind. Avoid sleeping with it.
  5. Stress and Tension – Anxiety, mental tension, nervousness, constant worry and pressure are brain’s worst enemies. Disappointments generated by fears and failures is equally dangerous. Avoid stress, stay calm and do your brain good.
  6. Unhealthy Food Habits – Brain is one of the most active part of our body. It works even when we are sleeping. Our brain needs constant adequate supply of energy in the form of glucose in our blood. Since I’m a vegetarian I can only suggest vegetarian foods which can boost your memory. Eat leafy green vegetables (like spinach), blue berries, broccoli, whole grains and tomatoes. Avoid long gaps between meals.
  7. Disturbed or Inadequate Sleep – To operate efficiently brain requires good undisturbed sleep. Imagination, creativity, decision making abilities are hampered due to lack of sleep. Whether you’re studying or working, sleep deprivation can stress out your brain and make your memory system highly ineffective. Learn to put aside all tensions of the day at bay before you retire to bed.

Well these are a few little things that I have discussed which seem to general but their impact is huge if diligently adhered to. Bring these changes to your lifestyle- unwind and uncomplicate. Lead a stressfree and joyful life, relax your mind and watch your brainpower grow phenomenally.

Do you have something else in your mind which can be added to this list?

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