Three men were standing in a row

Three men were standing in a row, all facing the same direction, so that there was one in back who could see the two in front of him, one in the middle, and one in front who could not see either of the other two. There were three blue and two red hats. One hat was placed on each man, without them seeing which two were left over. Each man was told the total number of each color of hat. First the man in the back was asked if he could deduce what color hat he had on, but he said he couldn’t. Neither could the man in the middle, when he was next asked. But then man in the front, who could see neither of those behind him but could hear their answers, correctly deduced by logic what color hat he was wearing. What color was it and why?

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4 thoughts to “Three men were standing in a row”

  1. When Last person said that he cannot deduce, it means the other 2 are not wearing Red Hats.

    If Middle person had seen that Front person is wearing Red hat, he would have known that his hat has to be a Blue Hat. But he is not able to deduce.

    So the Front person knows that his hat’s colour is BLUE!

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