Tips to improve your Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is a valuable asset in this world. When people listen to you speak, a good vocabulary tells them if you are intelligent or not. By increasing your vocabulary, you can improve you chance of success in written examinations, Group Discussions and even in interviews. In short you increase your chance to crack the CAT.

1. Read more. You need to read more and more books, magazines and newspapers. Read anything and everything that you can place your hands on.
2. Buy a book of vocabulary words. These usually have exercises in the back that will help you reinforce your vocabulary. You can visit for knowing the correct usage of words.
3. Use flash cards. Scan the dictionary for words you are unfamiliar with. Write them on a flash card. Use the flash cards as much as possible.
4. Keep a notebook to help you remember what you’ve learnt.
5. Learn the roots of words, these help you to remember the words easily.

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