Vacation Time

It was vacation time, and so I decided to visit my cousin’s home. In the mornings, we both would go for a jog. The evenings were spent on the tennis court. Tiring as these activities were, we could manage only one per day, i.e., either we went for a jog or played tennis each day. There were days when we felt lazy and stayed home all day long.

Now, there were 9 mornings when we did nothing, 13 evenings when we stayed at home, and a total of 12 days when we jogged or played tennis. For how many days did I stay at my cousin’s place?

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8 thoughts to “Vacation Time”

  1. Anish is correct:

    5 days when they did nothing.
    Jogged in the morning on 8 days, and played tennis in the evening on 4 occasions.

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