Vedic Mathematics and Its Relevance in Modern Times

Land of millions, India has contributed greatly in the field of science and mathematics. From Trigonometry to Zero and many others; Vedic Mathematics is one such concept that has been introduced by Indian mathematicians. The following post takes a quick look at Vedic Mathematics. Read on to know more.


The Indian subcontinent is highly regarded for its contribution to the field of mathematics. From the classical period till the eighteenth century, contributions have been exceptionally, great. Leading scholars like Aryabhtta, Bhaskarcharya, Brahmaguptas and many others have made exceptional contributions. Right from the concept of zero to the decimal system that we use today has been expounded by these stalwarts.

Among all the contributions, Vedic Mathematics have been one of the most intriguing that continues to draw attention and has been subject of interest for thousands across the globe.

What is Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the system that has its origins in the Vedas – the sacred Hindu scriptures. It is a unique technique of calculations that is based on simple principles and rules, applying which, any kind of mathematical problems can be solved –orally!

To put in simple words, Vedic Mathematics is a compilation of a few ‘tricks’ that help in solving mathematical calculations quite easily. Originating from the Atharva Veda, Vedic Mathematics deals with the concepts of core mathematics, engineering, medicine, sculpture and other related fields.

While the concept existed since 1200 BC, it was reintroduced by the noted mathematician Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in 1911. After an extensive research he concluded that, the ‘tricks’ of Vedic Mathematics lie in the sixteen sutras. For example, vertically or crosswise is one of the main sutras.

Features of Vedic Mathematics

It is believed that coherence is one of the main features of Vedic Mathematics. Some relevant features of Vedic Mathematics are explained below:

Coherence: Coherence is often rated as one of the most important features of Vedic Mathematics. The entire system is highly inter-related to one another and unified together.

Flexibility: Another feature that sets apart Vedic Mathematics is its, flexibility. The Vedic System of Mathematics follows general methods and needless to say that they always work wonders. The system follows several special methods in solving an array of calculations. You can end up representing numbers in more than one way and we can work two or more figures at one time. It is this aspect of flexibility that adds to the fun element in practicing. This in turn leads to the development and creativity among students.

While mathematics comprises all deep ideas including numbers and computation, and an entire gamut of number theories and much more—the Vedic Mathematics is a handful of tricks that usually involves elementary arithmetic.

Vedic Mathematics in Modern Times

Vedic Mathematics is one of the most natural ways of working and can be learnt with very little efforts and that also within a very short span. Vedic Mathematics is also supported by a set of checking procedures for independent crosschecking that we do. As mentioned earlier, it is the element of flexibility that continues to add to the very essence of Vedic Mathematics. The calculation techniques provided are highly creative as well as effective. The core idea focused on Vedic Mathematics is that mathematical calculations can be carried out easily and of course mentally.

Even now, in the twenty-first century, Vedic Mathematics continues to be the centre of attention and researches spanning across the globe. Researches are being carried out in multiple areas that include the effect of use of Vedic Mathematics in modern times. Easy applications of the sutra are being propounded by theorists that can help students solve problems related to Calculus and Geometry.

In modern times, many students are resorting to the use of Vedic Maths; especially the ones who sought to appear for competitive exams. The sutras help in solving a lot of complicated problems easily. Vedic mathematics offer students the extra edge that general mathematics might not be able to provide them with. Such is the versatility of Vedic Mathematics is that; even scientists from NASA have applied certain principles of Vedic Mathematics in the realm of artificial intelligence.

These days, Vedic Mathematics is being taught at school level and special attention is being provided to students those who want to learn more about the subject.

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