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Learn Amazingly Fast Vedic Mathematics Subtraction

Very often we have to deduct a number from numbers like 1000, 10000, 100000 and so on.

This Vedic Maths Subtraction method found as sutra in ancient vedas, is given below is very useful for such subtractions.


Use the formula all from 9 and the last from 10, to perform instant subtractions.

For example 1000 – 357 = ?      (subtraction from 1000)

We simply take each figure in 357 from 9 and the last figure from 10.
Step 1. 9-3 = 6
Step 2. 9-5 = 4
Step 3. 10-7 = 3

So the answer is 1000 – 357 = 643
And that’s all there is to it!

This always works for subtractions from numbers consisting of a 1 followed by noughts: 100; 1000; 10,000 etc.
Similarly 10,000 – 1049 = 8951      (subtraction from 10000)

9-1 = 8
9-0 = 9
9-4 = 5
10-9 = 1

So answer is 8951,

For 1000 – 83, in which we have more zeros than figures in the numbers being subtracted, we simply suppose 83 is 083.
So 1000 – 83 becomes 1000 – 083 = 917

Corollary: If last term is 0, keep that last term as 0 and subtract the last non Zero term from 10 .

Illustration: 10000 – 920 = 10000 – 0920 = (9-0) (9-9) (10-2) 0 =9080

Illustration: 100000 – 78010 = (9-7) (9 – 8 ) (9- 0) (10 – 1) 0 = 21990

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