Vedic Multiplication by 11

Speed Vedic Multiplication Trick

Vedic Multiplication by 11

Step 1.

Assume that there are two invisible 0 (zeroes), one in front and one behind the number to be multiplied with 11

say if the number is 234, assume it to be  0 2 3 4 0

Step 2.

Start from the right, add the two adjacent digits and keep on moving left


Add the last zero to the digit in the ones column (4), and write the answer below the ones column. Then add 4 with digit on the left i.e. 3. Next add 3 with 2. Next 2 with 0.

0+4 = 4

4+3 = 7

3+2 = 5

2+0 = 2

So answer is 2574


36 x 11 = 0+3   |   3+6   | 6+0  = 396

74 x 11 =0+ 7 |  7+4 |  4+0 =  7  | 11 |  4 = 814   (1 of 11 is carried over and added to next digit, so 7+1 = 8 )
6349 x 11 = (0+6)  |  (6+3)   |   (3+4)   |   (4+9)  |   9+0 =  69839

This method works for all the number, no matter how long or short, times 11. Just try it yourself and get amazed at the simplicity of the concept.

In the next post will learn Vedic Multilplication by 111, 1111, 11111, and so on.

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Vineet Patawari

Hi, I'm Vineet Patawari. I fell in love with numbers after being scared of them for quite some time. Now, I'm here to make you feel comfortable with numbers and help you get rid of Math Phobia!

10 thoughts to “Vedic Multiplication by 11”

    1. Firstly, Dipali, let me tell you that yours email address is not visible to me as a visitor of the blog only owner can see it, secondly I will be sharing here only so that most of the people can benefit from it and thirdly please subscribe to the entry which you post in this forum so that any response notification will reach you promptly.

      First of all let me apologize to you and Vineet that I was trying to write how to multiply quicker by 12 and 13 and mistook that and has written those as 22 and 33………but since you have shown your concern to find out how to quickly multiply by 22 & 33….lets find an way……..this may sound silly and please keep in mind that necessity is the mother of all invention………..u can’t just mug-up all quicker techniques just try urself how to get a quicker method….ok pls dont mind if my sayings sounds like preaching………….ignore these all………

      Lets take Vineet’s example: 234, assume it to be 0 2 3 4 0 now let us first multiply it by 11 as already shared by Vineet: (0+2)(2+3)(3+4)(4+0)
      = 2574
      so simple……now just twice it to get the multiplication by 22:> 2*2574=5148 is not this simple………………ha ha ha as 22 is nothing but 2*11….hope you will not ask now how to multiply by 33.

      Now coming to the point quick multiplication by 12 & 13:
      let us take a big number say 6893 *12
      = [just twice the number and add to the neighbour (this is actually an extension of the method as shared by Vineet)]
      =(0+6)2(0)2(5)2(1)(6+0) (The number outside bracket is nothing but carried nos.)
      =82716 answer……………..please write-back if anybody feels any doubt ….actually by just simple 1-2 times practice this can be done orally.

  1. If someone is need of the quick multiplication of 22, 33 etc please let me know which is an extension of the method shared by Vineet.

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