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Find below couple of weights and balance scale related puzzle questions. We are also mentioning the difficult level as per our perception. Our opinion may differ from yours.

Weight Puzzle Number 1

Here is a puzzle question of average (2/5; 5/5 is most difficult) difficulty level –

Among 12 identical looking golf balls there is one that is defective in weight. It is either heavier or lighter than the standard one. You have a balance Scale. You can only weigh 3 times to find out which one is defective and whether it is heavier or lighter.

Explain how will you be able to find the defective ball.


Weight Puzzle Number 2 –

How many pre-measured weights do you need if you have got a balance scale in order to measure the weight of an object in the right pan of the balance scale. The weight of the object could be any exact number of Kilograms up to at least 120 Kg? Please also mention the weight (in Kgs) of the weights.

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How many pre-measured weights (for the left pan of your balance scale) do you need in order to measure the weight of an object in the right pan of the balance scale (you should be able to measure any exact number of ounces up to at least 120 ounces)?
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