What can you do after a degree in Mathematics?

Mathematics is an often misunderstood subject. People tend to believe that not only do you need to be a genius to pursue this subject, there is not a lot of scope in terms of job opportunities – and that academia becomes the only option that may be available after graduation.

That could not be further from the truth!

Mathematics empowers you with so many transferable skills that can make you stand out from the crowd instantly.  You develop a penchant for logical argument, and Studying mathematics at the graduate level is no easy feat and prospective employers recognize that.

Additional knowledge of some other fields helps monetize your degree to a great extent.  A specialized Master’s Degree after bachelors in Mathematics might be a prudent step – although that is not always required. Practical experience along with sound mathematical knowledge will take you a long way in some very sought after jobs/industries! If you’re still doubtful, read why to study maths at all

Just some of the careers that are ideal for a mathematics graduate are:

Actuarial Science

One of the least known and one of the best options after Mathematics! Actuaries use modelling to give advice on financial risks to organizations. A highly specialised profession, it is one which only few opt for – and hence there is a high demand for actuaries both in India and world over. It is not a surprise then that it is one of the highest paid professions as well!


Finance industry is one of the most popular options for Maths graduates. The finance industry is often a natural progression, as often good analytical skills are one of the core requirements for a job in the Finance industry. Brokerage firms, banks etc. are always on the lookout for people who can analyse data sets, build mathematical models for predictions, or do research on financial data. An advanced degree in finance or related area might be helpful if you wish to fully utilize your mathematics degree in the finance industry. Know more about application of maths theories in Finance. Proper learning of finance and financial markets can be started from www.elearnmarkets.com

Data Analytics

A very upcoming field! For this you would need advanced training in Statistics, which would reap huge rewards. CNBC claims Data Scientist would be the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ (http://www.cnbc.com/id/100792215). With huge amounts of data now becoming increasingly available online, it is only natural that the demand for quantitative research and analysis skills will rise in the coming years.

Operational Research

Another popular option is Operational research. Analytical techniques are used to help make organizations optimize their operations – by helping them make better decisions. Operations Research was developed in Britain during World War II, when it applied mathematical techniques to plan military operations, and is applied to a wide variety of domains today!
In the end, it boils down to your interests. The most beautiful thing about a degree in mathematics is that it doesn’t restrict you to anything, and in fact opens up many new doors. My classmates and seniors have careers or are pursuing further studies in finance, risk management, accountancy, market research, business consulting, investment analysis, economics, actuarial sciences and even astronomy! Mathematics is a powerful tool that can be applied almost everywhere – you just need to choose your interests.

Author Bio: Pankhuri Mishra – Postgraduate in Social Statistics. Currently working in a Non Profit Organization as a research analyst. Writing is my first love, daydreaming a close second

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  1. I am particularly the fan of data analytics job. The brain of any mathematician is always very sharp and the person itself if intellectual. This job in upcoming global market is very demanding. I must refer this blog to my social networking circle, so that people with their career in mathematics, could highly be benefited from this article and choose their career path with proper guidance.

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