What to do if your Kids are Scared of Maths?

How to Make Mathematics More Interesting?

Math can often times be one of the more boring subjects for children to learn when they are young, which can greatly affect their learning abilities later in life. A person may find math to be boring or difficult because they didn’t develop an interest for it early in life. By finding ways to make math fun, children will be more inclined to learn and may actually enjoy the process.

Fun in the Kitchen

There are a ton of different ways to make mathematics fun, a lot of which start in the kitchen. Cooking is the perfect time to show kids that math can not only be useful but fun as well. The typical way to teach children fractions usually involves a pizza or a pie, but instead of explaining to them how fractions work, show them. Have your child be the chef for the day and tell them that they need to put different toppings on the pizza depending on the fraction. For example, tell them only 1/2 of the pizza should be plain, 1/4 should have pepperoni, and the other 1/4 should have sausage. By giving them a visual, it will enable them to understand fractions better. Fractions can also be taught using measuring spoons. Whether baking something or putting together a meal for dinner, measuring cups and spoons are another great visual for them to understand fractions. They will see that 1 cup is a lot bigger than 1/4 cup and that 1/3 cup is actually bigger than 1/4 cup.

Counting Candy

Candy is always an incentive and it can be used with math as well. To help them learn simple math processes, such as adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying, use small candy pieces such as M&Ms. There are a number of ways to do this, but the key is to show them how math works. Start by putting five candy pieces down and tell them to add two more. Then, ask them how many are in the pile. Next, tell them to eat three pieces and then tell you how many are left. By working through the math problems in this way, they will be excited to learn because the more problems there are, the more candy they will get! You can even create an incentive, such as by telling them they only get to eat the candy when they answer the question correctly.

Do Some Shopping

Shopping offers another way to teach how to shop and use math. When you take your children along to store, give them their own ‘special’ calculator and tell them they are in charge of adding it all up. You can even have them help to figure out how many of each item you need if you are feeding more than just a few people. By having them think about the numbers, work through them, and apply them to real situations, it will help them to get a better handle on a subject that often times seems abstract. the

Real Money

Money can also be used to teach children about math and the value of a dollar. By putting the actual coin or dollar in their hand and having them add up different amounts to get a larger one, they will be able to apply the math lesson to everyday life and situations they will likely be in when they are older. Ask your child to use change to make $5 dollars. Use coins to show them how many of each they need to make a dollar, and so on. You can even give them a $5 or $10 bill and take them to the store so they can spend it themselves. By having them in control of their spending, they will see how numbers add up and they may even learn how to be thrifty so they can get more for their money! The possibilities are endless.

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