Why Front Wheels Wear Out?

Perhaps you have noticed the wheels of some carts – the front ones are smaller than the rear ones. Why do the front axles wear out faster than the rear?

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Vineet Patawari

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3 thoughts to “Why Front Wheels Wear Out?”

  1. When a cylinder rolls on a surface the force resisting motion is termed rolling friction. Rolling friction is generally considerably less than sliding friction. If W is the weight of the cylinder converted to force, or the force between the cylinder and the flat surface, and R is radius of the cylinder and F is the force required to overcome the rolling friction then.

    center>F = f x W/R

    f is the coefficient of rolling friction and has the same unit of length as the radius R -in the example below m (metres)

  2. force require to overcome from rolling friction is inveresly prepotional to radius of any rolling element,so front wheel will wear out more den rear wheel…

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