You have a pile of 24 coins

Here is  an interesting mathematical puzzle for you.

You have a pile of 24 coins. Twenty-three of these coins have the same weight, and one is heavier. Your task is to determine which coin is heavier and do so in the minimum number of weighings. You are given a beam balance (scale), which will compare the weight of any two sets of coins out of the total set of 24 coins. How many weighings are required to identify the heavier coin?

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Vineet Patawari

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5 thoughts to “You have a pile of 24 coins”

  1. Heyy Vishal congratulations!!!!!!! are absolutely correct.

    and Ranjana your answer is also right but you did not give the solution.Thats why credit goes to Vishal.

  2. The answer to the above question is 3 weighing.
    1) First divide the coins in 3 equal parts of 8 each.
    2) Then compare the 2 parts on the beam balance and check any one of them is heavier or both are equal. You will come to know about that group of 8 coins which is heavier than other 2 groups.
    3) Then, divide these eight coins in 3 groups of 3, 3 and 2 coins. Weigh 3 and 3 on the beam balance and if anyone of them is heavier, divide them in 3 parts of 1 each and compare to get a final heavy coin.
    4) If the two groups of 3 coins each are of same weight then compare the remaining 2 coins, by putting one coin on each side of the balance.
    5) Finally you will get the heavier coin in 3 weighing.

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